tip and run


a form of cricket in which the batsman must run if his bat touches the ball

adjective tip-and-run

(prenominal) characterized by a rapid departure immediately after strikinga tip-and-run raid
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Examples from the Web for tip and run

  • We must needs live a tip-and-run life,—do our work, and return to safety behind submarine defences.

    'Green Balls'|Paul Bewsher
  • "Tip-and-run tactics" had no supporters in the British Air Service.

    A Lively Bit of the Front|Percy F. Westerman
  • And I'm awfully sorry it had to be tip-and-run, but there wasn't anything else for it at the time.

    The Tower of Oblivion|Oliver Onions
  • Therein lay the reason for the tip-and-run nature of the raids, which lasted for a few minutes only.

    The Crisis of the Naval War|John Rushworth Jellicoe