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[ tahyuhr-lis-lee ]


  1. without becoming tired or weary and without slackening one’s effort:

    Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to ease the suffering of our fellow creatures.

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Example Sentences

He had not received any college interest throughout his prep career, but he had developed a tireless work ethic through his mother, a labor-and-delivery nurse, and his father, a thermal processing plant manager who built the family’s home himself.

He’s also been a tireless philanthropist who has focused on improving education for girls in Kenya.

From Fortune

The company worked tirelessly to make its copiers more efficient and less of a luxury product.

I also must thank Ra'if, who taught me how to endure the impossible, stay strong and fight tirelessly to get him back.

Regardless of the obstacles in her path, she was tirelessly determined to actualize her vision for equality.

He volunteers, with leadership and labor, for Habitat for Humanity, and he relentlessly and tirelessly writes.

They are also champions of social justice and have worked tirelessly for the poor, especially in their early careers.

It was the mother's hand that tirelessly bathed the scarlet brow and burning limbs.

All night long he pursued his way, his muscles playing tirelessly to the demands of a mind as taut as bowstring.

He had simply to become a wheel in the machinery of the law, to grind slowly, tirelessly, and inexorably.

Steadily and tirelessly the Hawk made her way across the heaving waters.

A bishop serving truly and tirelessly the poor of his diocese serves a strong vanity and ideal of the Ego in himself.