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[tish-uh n-dawrf]
  1. Lo·be·gott Frie·drich Kon·stan·tin von [loh-buh-gawt free-drikh kawn-stahn-teen fuh n] /ˈloʊ bəˌgɔt ˈfri drɪx ˌkɔn stɑnˈtin fən/, 1815–74, German Biblical critic.
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Historical Examples of tischendorf

  • I have restored the defective passages after the text authorized by Tischendorf.

    My Religion

    Leo Tolstoy

  • Paley says Papias was a hearer of John, Tischendorf says he was not.

  • It is pleasant to find a grain of wheat in the bushel of Tischendorf chaff.

  • (l) Even Tischendorf does not pretend that this is a quotation of Matth.

  • Tischendorf says "its genuineness is now generally admitted."