tissue plasminogen activator

noun Biochemistry.

an anticlotting enzyme, naturally occurring in small amounts in the blood.
Pharmacology. the same enzyme, produced in large amounts by genetic engineering techniques for use in dissolving blood clots. Abbreviation: TPA



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Medical definitions for tissue plasminogen activator

tissue plasminogen activator


An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, used to dissolve blood clots rapidly and selectively, especially in the treatment of heart attacks.
A preparation of this enzyme that is produced by genetic engineering and used to dissolve clots blocking coronary arteries in heart attack and cranial arteries in certain cases of stroke.
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Scientific definitions for tissue plasminogen activator

tissue plasminogen activator

An enzyme that dissolves blood clots. It can be produced naturally by cells in the walls of blood vessels, or prepared through the use of genetic engineering. Tissue plasminogen activator is used in the coronary arteries during heart attacks and in the cranial arteries in certain types of strokes.
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