titanium dioxide

noun Chemistry.

a white, water-insoluble powder, TiO2, used chiefly in white pigments, plastics, ceramics, and for delustering synthetic fibers.

Origin of titanium dioxide

First recorded in 1920–25
Also called titanium oxide, ti·tan·ic ox·ide [tahy-tan-ik, ti-] /taɪˈtæn ɪk, tɪ-/.
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British Dictionary definitions for titanium dioxide

titanium dioxide


a white insoluble powder occurring naturally as rutile and used chiefly as a pigment of high covering power and durability. Formula: TiO 2Also called: titanium oxide, titanic oxide, titania
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titanium dioxide in Science

titanium dioxide

A white powder used as an opaque white pigment. It occurs naturally as the mineral rutile. Chemical formula: TiO2.
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