[ tahy-tan-uh-sawr, tahyt-n-uh- ]
/ taɪˈtæn əˌsɔr, ˈtaɪt n ə- /


any amphibious plant-eating dinosaur of the genus Titanosaurus, from the Cretaceous Period, having a long, thin neck and a long, whiplike tail.

Origin of titanosaur

From the New Latin word Titanosaurus, dating back to 1890–95. See Titan, -o-, -saur
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British Dictionary definitions for titanosaur


/ (taɪˈtænəˌsɔː) /


any of various herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaurs of the family Titanosauridae, of Jurassic and Cretaceous times: suborder Sauropoda (sauropods)

Word Origin for titanosaur

C19: from New Latin Tītānosaurus, from Greek Titan + -saur
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Science definitions for titanosaur


[ tī-tănə-sôr′, tītn- ]

Any of various very large sauropod dinosaurs of the group Titanosauria of the Cretaceous Period. The titanosaurs were the last group of sauropods to evolve and probably include the largest sauropods ever (belonging to the genus Argentinosaurus). Some specimens were armored with bony plates.
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