Greek myth the son of Laomedon of Troy who was loved by the goddess Eos. She asked that he be made immortal but forgot to ask that he be made eternally young. When he aged she turned him into a grasshopper

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Historical Examples of tithonus

  • A life-time as long as that conferred upon the namesake of Tithonus.


    Lydia Maria Child

  • Then Aurora saw that Tithonus was growing into a little old man.

    Classic Myths

    Mary Catherine Judd

  • Turn from this to some parallel poem in English literature, such as Oenone or Tithonus.

  • It is said to have been founded by Tithonus, the father of Memnon.

  • The life it represents is to surpass the years of Tithonus and of Nestor.

    Darkness and Dawn

    Frederic W. Farrar