[ tit-l-eyt ]
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verb (used with object),tit·il·lat·ed, tit·il·lat·ing.
  1. to excite or arouse agreeably, often in a sexually suggestive way: She knows how to titillate the senses and enthrall the mind of her readers with her excellent storytelling.

  2. to tickle; excite a tingling or itching sensation in, as by touching or stroking lightly.

Origin of titillate

First recorded in 1610–20; from Latin tītillātus, past participle of tītillāre “to tickle”; see -ate1

Other words for titillate

Other words from titillate

  • tit·il·la·tion, noun
  • tit·il·la·tive, adjective
  • un·tit·il·lat·ed, adjective
  • un·tit·il·lat·ing, adjective

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How to use titillate in a sentence

  • Out of the dense formations of endless fast food chains, Simon's novelties were to titillate the jaded restaurant goer.

    The Land of Look Behind | Paul Cameron Brown
  • I don't care for books that only titillate one's imagination.

    Mount Royal, Volume 2 of 3 | Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  • Whether or no the involutions of the "Golden Bowl" will titillate his arcane sensibilities.

    Instigations | Ezra Pound
  • She has spent hours in the hot kitchen trying to concoct some dainty that may titillate that sickly palate.

    Doctor Cupid | Rhoda Broughton

British Dictionary definitions for titillate


/ (ˈtɪtɪˌleɪt) /

  1. to arouse, tease, interest, or excite pleasurably and often superficially

  2. to cause a tickling or tingling sensation in, esp by touching

Origin of titillate

C17: from Latin tītillāre

Derived forms of titillate

  • titillating, adjective
  • titillatingly, adverb
  • titillation, noun
  • titillative, adjective

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