[ tit-mous ]
/ ˈtɪtˌmaʊs /

noun, plural tit·mice [tit-mahys] /ˈtɪtˌmaɪs/.

any of numerous, widely distributed, small songbirds of the family Paridae, especially of the genus Parus, having soft, thick plumage and a short, stout, conical bill.

Origin of titmouse

1275–1325; Middle English tit(e)mose (see tit1); mose, Old English māse titmouse; cognate with German Meise titmouse, Old Norse meis- in meisingr kind of bird; modern mouse by folk etymology
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/ (ˈtɪtˌmaʊs) /

noun plural -mice

(usually plural) any small active songbird of the family Paridae, esp those of the genus ParusSee tit 1

Word Origin for titmouse

C14 titemous, from tite (see tit 1) + mouse
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