[ tee-tawf, -tof; Russian tyi-tawf ]

  1. Herman or Gher·man Ste·pa·no·vich [gur-muhn stuh-pah-nuh-vich; Russian gyer-muhn styi-pah-nuh-vyich], /ˈgɜr mən stəˈpɑ nə vɪtʃ; Russian ˈgyɛr mən styɪˈpɑ nə vyɪtʃ/, 1935–2000, Soviet cosmonaut.

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How to use Titov in a sentence

  • In order to debase Matvey, whose superiority irritates him, Titov asks him to participate in his extortions.

  • Titov managed the Moscow theatre from 1766 to the death of Catherine in 1796.

    The Russian Opera | Rosa Newmarch
  • Alexis (d. 1827) was the father of that Nicholas Titov often called the ancestor of Russian song.

    The Russian Opera | Rosa Newmarch