/ (taɪˈtreɪʃən) /

  1. an operation, used in volumetric analysis, in which a measured amount of one solution is added to a known quantity of another solution until the reaction between the two is complete. If the concentration of one solution is known, that of the other can be calculated

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How to use titration in a sentence

Scientific definitions for titration


[ tī-trāshən ]

  1. The process or operation of determining the concentration of a substance in solution. Titration is performed by adding to a known volume of the solution a standard reagent of known concentration in carefully measured amounts until a reaction of definite and known proportion is completed (as shown by a color change or by electrical measurement) and then calculating the unknown concentration.

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Cultural definitions for titration


[ (teye-tray-shuhn) ]

In chemistry, the determination of what materials are present in a sample by adding precise amounts of known chemicals and observing the chemical reaction.

Notes for titration

The term titration is occasionally used informally to suggest extreme precision in some sort of measurement or determination.

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