noun plural -li (-laɪ)
  1. history a sign bearing the condemned man's name and crime, attached to the top of the cross at a crucifixion

Word Origin for titulus

from Latin, literally: inscription, label, title
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Examples from the Web for titulus

Historical Examples of titulus

  • It will be noticed that each roll is furnished with a ticket (titulus).

    The Care of Books

    John Willis Clark

  • Williams' CVI is possibly correct; the line would then refer to the titulus of the poem in a published text.

  • From his neck hung a scroll (titulus), setting forth his character and serving as a warrant for the purchaser.

    The Private Life of the Romans

    Harold Whetstone Johnston

  • Above or below each niche was fastened to the wall a piece of marble (titulus) on which was cut the name of the owner.

    The Private Life of the Romans

    Harold Whetstone Johnston

  • To the Latin cross are added the titulus, and a lower diagonal crosspiece which is assumed to be a rest for the feet.