[ tohd ]
/ toʊd /


any of various tailless amphibians that are close relatives of the frogs in the order Anura and that typically have dry, warty skin and are terrestrial or semiterrestrial in habit.Compare frog1(def 1).
Also called true toad. a toad of the widespread and chiefly terrestrial family Bufonidae, having relatively short hind legs used in hopping and often having at the shoulders swellings containing glands that, along with the skin, secrete an irritating fluid in defense.Compare frog1(def 2).
any of various toadlike animals, as certain lizards.
a person or thing as an object of disgust or aversion.

Origin of toad

before 1000; Middle English tode, Old English tāde, tādi(g)e

Related forms

toad·ish, toad·like, adjectivetoad·ish·ness, nountoad·less, adjective

Can be confused

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/ (təʊd) /


any anuran amphibian of the class Bufonidae, such as Bufo bufo (common toad) of Europe. They are similar to frogs but are more terrestrial, having a drier warty skinRelated adjective: batrachian
any of various similar amphibians of different families
a loathsome person

Derived Forms

toadish or toadlike, adjective

Word Origin for toad

Old English tādige, of unknown origin; see tadpole
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