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or toe-hold

[ toh-hohld ]


  1. a small ledge or niche just large enough to support the toes, as in climbing.
  2. any slight or initial support, influence, advantage, progress, or the like:

    His knowledge of Latin gave him a toehold for learning French.

  3. a batten nailed to a sloping roof as a support for workers.
  4. Wrestling. a hold in which an opponent's foot is twisted.


/ ˈtəʊˌhəʊld /


  1. a small foothold to facilitate climbing
  2. any means of gaining access, support, etc

    the socialist party gained a toehold in the local elections

  3. a wrestling hold in which the opponent's toe is held and his leg twisted against the joints
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Word History and Origins

Origin of toehold1

First recorded in 1875–80; toe + hold 1
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Example Sentences

In mid-November, just before the variant had established a toehold in many areas of the country, less than half of eligible seniors—of whom 87% had been fully vaccinated at the time—had received a booster.

From Time

In terms of really helping some of the big brands just get a toehold into the gaming environment and start to understand that this really is the new landscape for the next couple of decades, I think our team has done a phenomenal job there.

From Digiday

Once the virus gains a toehold, the body unleashes a wave of immune troops to fight it off.

At minimum, scientists believe that under the right conditions similar life forms could find a toehold on outer solar system moons too.

In someone who is vaccinated, mutations that even slightly evade the body’s immune response can get a toehold.

Titanic moved along, with a stronger toehold on history than ever.

His victory would give the hard right a significant toehold in Richmond.

Find a product that gives it a toehold and build from there.

Lunatic right-wing “birthers” have gotten a toehold on CNN and Fox News, and even the McCain campaign investigated their claims.

I took one look at his smile and understood—Debra had established a toehold in Liberty Square.

Tremont hooked a foot under a toehold to maintain his position facing a mirror.

Hooking into the solid green water of that eddy, Andy found himself a toehold, and presently clambered out.

In China the stock exchanges have a mere toehold on the country; in Japan they have become the spine of national life.

He searched the rear hull, looking for some break in the polished metal that might serve as a toehold.


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