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[tuh-lee-doh; for 1, 3, 4 also Spanish taw-le-th aw]
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noun, plural To·le·dos [tuh-lee-dohz; Spanish taw-le-th aws] /təˈli doʊz; Spanish tɔˈlɛ ðɔs/ for 4.
  1. Fran·cis·co de [frahn-sees-kaw th e] /frɑnˈsis kɔ ðɛ/, c1515–84?, Spanish administrator: viceroy of Peru 1569–81.
  2. a port in NW Ohio, on Lake Erie.
  3. a city in central Spain, on the Tagus River: the capital of Spain under the Romans.
  4. a sword or sword blade of finely tempered steel, a formerly made in Toledo, Spain.
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  1. (tɒˈleɪdəʊ, Spanish toˈleðo) a city in central Spain, on the River Tagus: capital of Visigothic Spain, and of Castile from 1087 to 1560; famous for steel and swords since the first century. Pop: 72 549 (2003 est)Ancient name: Toletum (təˈliːtəm)
  2. (təˈliːdəʊ) an inland port in NW Ohio, on Lake Erie: one of the largest coal-shipping ports in the world; transportation and industrial centre; university (1872). Pop: 308 973 (2003 est)
  3. (tɒˈleɪdəʊ) a fine-tapered sword or sword blade
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Industrial city in northwestern Ohio.

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