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[ tuh-lee-doh; Spanish taw-le-thaw ]


, plural To·le·dos [t, uh, -, lee, -dohz, taw-, le, -, th, aws]
  1. Fran·cis·co de [f, r, ahn-, sees, -kaw , th, e], c1515–84?, Spanish administrator: viceroy of Peru 1569–81.
  2. a port in NW Ohio, on Lake Erie.
  3. a city in central Spain, on the Tagus River: the capital of Spain under the Romans.
  4. a sword or sword blade of finely tempered steel, a formerly made in Toledo, Spain.



  1. tɒˈleɪdəʊtoˈleðo a city in central Spain, on the River Tagus: capital of Visigothic Spain, and of Castile from 1087 to 1560; famous for steel and swords since the first century. Pop: 72 549 (2003 est) Ancient nameToletumtəˈliːtəm
  2. təˈliːdəʊ an inland port in NW Ohio, on Lake Erie: one of the largest coal-shipping ports in the world; transportation and industrial centre; university (1872). Pop: 308 973 (2003 est)
  3. tɒˈleɪdəʊ a fine-tapered sword or sword blade


  1. Industrial city in northwestern Ohio .

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Example Sentences

For five years, economic development officials in Toledo, Ohio, have operated a pilot program that allows residents to borrow money for energy-saving home renovations without paying exorbitant interest rates.

Why the Adam Toledo video is causing some news organizations to draw a line

In Toledo, an American journalist named John Whitaker watched a pair of belt-fed machine guns dispatch 600 men in minutes.

From Time

Starting in the mid-1990s, the US Department of Justice sued cities including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Boston, Miami, Cincinnati, and Toledo on behalf of the EPA for violations of the Clean Water Act.

In 1958, the Toledo, native composed one of his hallmarks, “Departure,” during the summer between high school and Oberlin College.

After what remains the largest disaster in Toledo history, the city installed sirens.

About 9:30 p.m. on Palm Sunday in 1965, a tornado struck Toledo, Ohio.

“Sociable” and “puckish” is how a Toledo Blade headline described them in 1957.

Earlier this month, Toledo, Ohio, watched its municipal water supply descend into an undrinkable stew of algal toxins.

Which brings me to my point about the recent water crisis in Toledo.

Left to himself, Average Jones again ran over the dispatches, conveying the information as to the lost Toledo youth.

The wooden clubs, stuck full of sharp pieces of obsidian, could not compete on equal terms with the Toledo blades.

Be prepared to mount your horses to start for Toledo at precisely one o'clock in the morning.

When our conversation turned upon Toledo, it became more cheerful.

Nasby, who had popularized the Toledo Blade, kept steadily to one line.


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