[ tohl-muhn ]


, plural toll·men.
  1. a tollkeeper.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tollman1

First recorded in 1735–45; toll 1 + -man
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Example Sentences

Upon arrival officers found Tollman “unconscious and unresponsive.”

Celebrity and fashion stylist Annabel Tollman has passed away at the age of 39.

Still, Tollman says the shift by no means began or ended with the "Poker Face" star.

“It turned out that the college student chaperone with them was charging $20 a day to get on the prepaid bus,” says Molly Tollman.

I don't see a turnpike—an' sure I ought to know a tollman's dirty face in any place.

Turkey stands the tollman at the turnpike-gate, controlling and usurping the highway of all nations.

It was about six months after Tollman came of age that irregular charges began to appear against the inactive accounts.

So adroitly did Kelliner play this game that Tollman had been heard to threaten to break with him because he was a piker.

Kelliner at that time already had a line on Tollman, and other possible victims were deemed ready for the plucking.





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