Tom Jones


  1. a novel (1749) by Henry Fielding.

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Example Sentences

He and reporter Tom Jones, who since moved to Chicago, reported a story last year, during the heat of the mayoral campaign, that revealed a document purportedly from city-commissioned investigators.

Gags like the one where he played Tom Jones 21 times on a diner jukebox won over audiences for their essential banality as much as for their hilarity.

From Vox

The singer Tom Jones growled hits like “Delilah” with shirts sweatily slashed to the navel.

But Tom Jones somehow hit a home run with Spirit in the Room.

Jim would also come into our category of true adventurers, and, to skip back a bit, Tom Jones is almost type perfect.

The Tom Jones set sail for Valparaiso, but certainly went in a roundabout way to reach her destination.

How splendid must have been the ideal that filled the mind of a poet who created a Tom Jones and a Sophonisba!

Ye must hev heerd it from Tom Jones; ye know ye never hear it at home, fer we are allus very pertickeler about our language.

The result of all this was Tom Jones—by practically universal consent one of the capital books of English literature.