[ tom-lin-suhn ]


  1. Henry Major, 1873–1958, English journalist and novelist.

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And, crucially for Tomlinson, it’s very difficult for cats to mess with virtual desktops.

From Time

Tomlinson and Jamal Lewis were the only two out of the nine that topped 1,000 rushing yards.

Although Goodreads’ review bombing problem would be difficult to solve entirely, Tomlinson says that if the platform were to introduce some basic preventative measures used by its parent company Amazon, the problem could be “mostly” fixed.

From Time

Tomlinson was also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame first team All-2000s team.

Tomlinson told the New York Times and confirmed to Vox that she filed a complaint with the California Labor Commission alleging that Influences is withholding more than $23,000 in fees and operating as a talent agency without a license.

From Vox

But, in Jamaica, Maurice Tomlinson was forced to flee his country after his marriage to his Canadian husband made front-page news.

“I felt incredibly vulnerable and alone,” Tomlinson said of his reasons for leaving his home country.

When it comes to his own role in the story, Tomlinson is surprisingly reticent.

Tomlinson tackles all of these, and more, and tries to make them all mesh in his tale.

There are the small black-and-white communities of Tomlinson Hill.

I have made it a caricature of a superhuman ass I know—Tomlinson—who thinks he can decorate.

So he did, and when he ran dry Tomlinson (having meanwhile ascertained where Peterhead Harbour is) took up the wondrous tale.

Assuring himself that the pearls were all in the bag, Tomlinson closed it and pushed it into his pocket.

Tomlinson was assisted out of the office by the deputy sheriff, the doctor opening the doors obsequiously ahead of them.

The address was evidence enough that the letter did not belong to Tomlinson; but, if not, how did it happen to be in the car?


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