tone colour


the quality of a musical sound that is conditioned or distinguished by the upper partials or overtones present in itOften shortened to: tone See also timbre (def. 2)
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Examples from the Web for tone colour

  • The movement is long, thoughtful, and no less apt in invention than rich and glowing in tone-colour.

    Musical Criticisms|Arthur Johnstone
  • The suggestion, at the beginning, of the rising sun, is a mighty example of the overwhelming power of tone-colour.

    Edward MacDowell|Lawrence Gilman
  • In gesture and in musical speech, in tone-colour, she was faithful to the first wonderful impression of the eye.

    Interpreters|Carl Van Vechten
  • This tone-colour she achieves stroke by stroke, devoting many days to the study of important phrases.

    Interpreters|Carl Van Vechten