[ tuh-noh ]
/ tʌˈnoʊ /
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noun, plural ton·neaus, ton·neaux [tuh-nohz]. /tʌˈnoʊz/.
a rear part or compartment of an automobile body, containing seats for passengers.
a complete automobile body having such a rear part.
a waterproof cover, generally of canvas or vinyl, that can be fastened over the cockpit of a roadster or convertible to protect the interior.
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Origin of tonneau

1900–05; <French: literally, cask; Old French tonel. See tunnel
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British Dictionary definitions for tonneau

/ (ˈtɒnəʊ) /

noun plural -neaus or -neaux (-nəʊ, -nəʊz)
Also called: tonneau cover
  1. a detachable cover to protect the rear part of an open car when it is not carrying passengers
  2. a similar cover that fits over all the passenger seats, but not the driver's, in an open vehicle
rare the part of an open car in which the rear passengers sit

Word Origin for tonneau

C20: from French: special type of vehicle body, from Old French tonnel cask, from tonne tun
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