[ tool-boks ]


  1. a box or case in which tools are kept.
  2. an attached mechanism, as on planing machines or lathes, that carries the cutting tools.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of toolbox1

First recorded in 1835–45; tool + box 1

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Example Sentences

As the recovery takes shape, a new toolbox of macroeconomic targets beyond GDP growth are required to shape economic development in a direction that considers the planet, people, and institutions.

From Time

Data sharing is likely to be a critical component of the programmatic marketer’s toolbox in the post-cookie era.

From Digiday

Training with Kindred Coaches will “expand my toolbox,” she said.

Bring your toolbox The big travel and booking websites count on artificial intelligence to weed out obviously fake reviews.

This administration is just taking tools out of the toolbox and scooping things out.

“My toolbox of knowledge and skills is so much more vast,” she says.

One presumes she has a killer Michelle Obama, Oprah, or Beyoncé impression in her toolbox.

Instead, turn to these 15 supplements and think of your medicine cabinet as your toolbox, taking only what you need.

They have only a toolbox of brutal tactics to keep the lid on.

We will use all the tools in our toolbox just to make a funny show.

Matt, for such an emergency as had just presented itself, always carried a bottle of arnica in the toolbox.

He hastened to the glass-fronted toolbox, fastened near the ceiling in the center of the car.

He jumped up, grinning, grabbed the heavy toolbox and carried it back to the corner where he let it drop on the grate.

The heavy toolbox in the grip of Blue Two descended with a thud.

Ayúhag butang ang gabas kay mutúkag sa kahun, Lay the saw down carefully crosswise in the toolbox.


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