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top billing


, Theater.
  1. the first or most prominent position in a list of actors or entertainers, as on a marquee or screen.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of top billing1

First recorded in 1940–45

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Example Sentences

A lot of the magic and creativity you see often comes from the hundreds of names that aren’t getting the top billing or at the awards shows.

From Time

Rhubarb brings the tartness to a relish that’s perfect for meat or fishFor those focused on looks, the cake is most attractive fresh out of the oven, but its taste still receives top billing for a few days.

Feisty, redheaded Ramona first received top billing in 1955 with the publication of “Beezus and Ramona.”

Producers, while giving Rusev top billing, are keeping their options open about his “character.”

His legacy is getting top billing in both the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Off-duty Hollywood is now a full-time reality crime TV show, and the legal professionals involved are starting to get top billing.

As his top billing winds down, “Governor Kilmer” must have a nice ring to it.

But by the 1990s, Brosnan smirked his way into sexual parody and invisible missile-loaded cars received top billing.

Dane tried to visualize a scene in which he shared top billing with Queex and shuddered.





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