[ top-doun ]

  1. relating to, originating with, or directed by those of highest rank: a centralized, top-down organization with a chain of command reporting up from every corner of the earth.

  2. organized or proceeding from the larger, more general structure to smaller, more detailed units, as in processing information: Top-down investing looks at the big picture, or how the overall economy drives the markets, and then focuses on individual stocks.

  1. Computers. noting or relating to a methodology used in the design and coding of programs that takes a high-level description of a problem and successively breaks it into smaller and simpler subunits.

Origin of top-down

First recorded in 1940–45; 1970–75 for def. 3; adjective use of the adverb phrase “from the top down

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How to use top-down in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for top-down


  1. controlled, directed, or organized from the top

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