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[ top-lev-uhl ]


  1. at a high level:

    a top-level conference.



  1. modifier of, involving, or by those on the highest level of influence or authority

    top-level talks

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Example Sentences

I was very fortunate that the actors, DP, and set designer I had were top-level.

Before long, she was awarded the “Top Shot” award, and poised to be a top-level sniper.

But these are top-level numbers that only tell part of the story.

A senior Russian ambassador has demanded—and been hastily given—a top-level appointment at the Foreign Office today.

Kellan grows up in about two minutes of cutscenes and is suddenly a top level soldier in the elite “Shadow Martials” squad.

It was a large curved glass about six feet across at table top level with a map of England and Europe on the glass.

We tell it to top-level officials only, after they realize that something they don't know anything about has really taken place.

The newspapers knew nothing about super-secret top-level worries.

The changing of these images of ourselves and of others is not a responsibility that belongs only to our top-level church leaders.

Climbing to the top level was a heart-pounding task, but Mason almost ran up those steps.


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