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[ top-sahyd ]


  1. the upper side.
  2. Usually topsides. Nautical. the outer surface of a hull above the water.
  3. the most authoritative position or level.
  4. Chiefly British. a cut of beef similar to a U.S. rump roast. Compare silverside 2( def ).
  5. British. the top tops or outer side of a round of beef; beef from the outer thigh of a butchered cow.


  1. of, relating to, or located on the topside.
  2. of the most authoritative rank.


  1. Also topsides. up on the deck:

    He left the engine room and went topside.

  2. to, toward, or at the topside.


/ ˈtɒpˌsaɪd /


  1. the uppermost side of anything
  2. a lean cut of beef from the thigh containing no bone
  3. often plural
    1. the part of a ship's sides above the waterline
    2. the parts of a ship above decks

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Word History and Origins

Origin of topside1

First recorded in 1670–80; top 1 + side 1

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Example Sentences

With all my precautions, how was my system turned topside-turvy in the womb with my child!

After that, the Gaucho began reporting directly, and her topside identification-light went out.

The rockets leaped forward, from the topside racks, four and four and four and four, at half-second intervals.

Up topside, a man can take you in—take himself in—for months; for half a commission, p'rhaps.

After hurriedly hiding the stolen gun, he slipped stealthily topside to the radar bridge.


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