[ taw-rel-ee; Italian taw-rel-lee ]

  1. Giu·sep·pe [joo-zep-pe], /dʒuˈzɛp pɛ/, 1650?–1708, Italian composer and violinist.

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How to use Torelli in a sentence

  • As for the art of fencing, Torelli is certainly no bungler, but he too has the skipping fashion in his method.

  • I know what I'm talking about, for I lodged with my colleague Torelli, the best fencing-master in the city.

  • But to return to Lelio Torelli; he had succeeded wonderfully in all the exercises that require strength and suppleness of limb.

    Isabella Orsini | Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi
  • She arose quickly, and lifting the curtain saw, not without some wonder mingled with fear, Lelio Torelli standing before her.

    Isabella Orsini | Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi
  • But there was a certain court page, one Lelio Torelli, of whom he was especially jealous.