[ tawr-pid ]
/ ˈtɔr pɪd /


inactive or sluggish.
slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic.
dormant, as a hibernating or estivating animal.

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Origin of torpid

1605–15; < Latin torpidus numb, equivalent to torp(ēre) to be stiff or numb + -idus -id4

Related formstor·pid·i·ty, tor·pid·ness, nountor·pid·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for torpidity


/ (ˈtɔːpɪd) /


apathetic, sluggish, or lethargic
(of a hibernating animal) dormant; having greatly reduced metabolic activity
unable to move or feel
Derived Formstorpidity, nountorpidly, adverb

Word Origin for torpid

C17: from Latin torpidus, from torpēre to be numb, motionless

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Word Origin and History for torpidity



1610s, from Latin torpidus "benumbed," from torpere "be numb or stiff" (see torpor).

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Medicine definitions for torpidity


[ tôrpĭd ]


Deprived of power of motion or feeling.
Lethargic; apathetic.
Related formstor•pidi•ty n.

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