total reflection

  1. the effect that occurs when light meets the interface between the medium in which it is traveling and a medium of smaller refractive index at an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle, all light being reflected back to the first medium.

  • Also called total internal reflection.

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How to use total reflection in a sentence

  • Hence a ray of light traveling obliquely downward is refracted more and more until total reflection takes place.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • This action is called total reflection, the course of the reflected ray being according to the law of reflection.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • See Art. 398 for a description of the Zeiss binocular field-glass for an example of this use of total reflection.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • In this case the images are erect, the total reflection being from warm, still layers of air over colder layers near the water.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • The common reflection and the total reflection of a beam of radiant heat may be simultaneously demonstrated.

    Six Lectures on Light | John Tyndall