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[ tuhch-uhp ]


  1. an act or instance of touching up:

    Her makeup needed a touch-up.

touch up


  1. to put extra or finishing touches to
  2. to enhance, renovate, or falsify by putting extra touches to

    to touch up a photograph

  3. to stimulate or rouse as by a tap or light blow
  4. slang.
    to touch or caress (someone), esp to arouse sexual feelings


  1. a renovation or retouching, as of a painting
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Word History and Origins

Origin of touch-up1

First recorded in 1880–85; noun use of verb phrase touch up
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Idioms and Phrases

Make minor changes or improvements, as in This wall needs some touching up but not complete repainting . [Early 1700s]
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Example Sentences

Very carefully and cleverly she began to whiten her face, to touch up her eyes and her narrow, definite eyebrows.

With a similar snapper did Mr. Fogg touch up each one of his stories of success.

Lady Archibald asked him if he was going to touch up her portrait at the last sitting.

Shakspeare might surely be allowed to touch up scenes, of which the mass might be written by Fletcher.

I'm going to have to touch up the tresses pretty soon or I won't be a redhead any more.


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