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[ tuhcht ]


  1. (of the mind or feelings) affected with emotion; moved, especially with sympathy or gratitude:

    They were very touched by your generosity.

  2. slightly crazy; unbalanced:

    touched in the head.


/ tʌtʃt /


  1. moved to sympathy or emotion; affected
  2. showing slight insanity

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Word History and Origins

Origin of touched1

First recorded in 1450–1500; late Middle English; touch, -ed 2

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Example Sentences

We are beyond touched and appreciative till the end of time.

From Eater

“I only touched his shoulder,” the pastor told sheriffs, according to the police report.

Yet she spoke of his dignity in such an insane situation and when she touched on his pain she expressed her own on his behalf.

Just why do Americans find it so hard to understand that the royals don't like to be touched?!

My finger burned when it touched the blossom of lead embedded in the ceramic armor.

Staring at the Wall was like staring at frustration itself, and it touched an anger in me that found its way into the book.

But, as the keel of the boats touched bottom, each boat-load dashed into the water and then into the enemy's fire.

I wasn't paying any attention to him, therefore, when suddenly my left-hand neighbour touched my arm.

Now and then he touched one with his long and sallow fingers, lifted its cover, then let it drop mechanically.

One other illustration of this keen childish dialectic when face to face with the accuser deserves to be touched on.

But more—he realised that the missing part of her was now astir, touched into life by another, and a younger, man.


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