pale yellow; flaxen

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Examples from the Web for tow-coloured

Historical Examples of tow-coloured

  • Neither of them had looked at the turkey, and Minty's face was suffused with red even to the roots of her tow-coloured hair.

  • The head was covered with a mass of tow-coloured, matted hair; the face was entirely clean-shaven.

    Ghostly Phenomena

    Elliot O'Donnell.

  • She indicated the Slabberts, heavily observant of the couple with the muddy eyes under the tow-coloured thatch.

    The Dop Doctor

    Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

  • Miss Torkington brought her tow-coloured hair and pince-nez, and a manner that seemed to shout virtue and chastity.

    Adventures of Bindle

    Herbert George Jenkins

  • Both were barefooted and barelegged, deeply freckled, and with long, tow-coloured locks.

    The Kindred of the Wild

    Charles G. D. Roberts