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/ ˈtaʊəd /


    1. having a tower or towers
    2. ( in combination )



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Example Sentences

A burly Belgian, strapped with grenades and ammunition, towered above them.

I was sitting so low, even the permafrost-stunted spruce trees towered over me.

Richards, who towered over his Dennehy when he appeared in court alongside her Monday, denies all charges.

The film played on a dozen or so boxed-in screens that towered over the Park Avenue Armory audience.

He was a tall boy anyway, but the extra year made it so that he towered over his new classmates.

He towered grimly above her, shaking a threatening finger in her very face.

He saw her against the background of the hills, whose following mass towered menacingly above her little outline.

Behind her towered high and mighty mountains, before her lay a sea of moon-swept valley.

One last effort—and he was out of the forest; the jagged summit still towered above him, but he could look forth—on what a view!

Many of them towered a hundred feet with scarcely a limb to mar the wand-like symmetry of the six-foot boles.





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