/ (ˈtaʊnlænd) /

  1. Irish a division of land of various sizes

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How to use townland in a sentence

  • "Then walk beside my horse and we'll get back to the townland of Mischance to-night," said the Churl.

  • An example of a modern townland is annexed, which will illustrate these interesting points.

  • I will describe one named from the townland in which it is situated, Ballycairn Fort.

    Ulster Folklore | Elizabeth Andrews
  • Short was it for thee to overleap every hedge till thou camest to the townland in which Berachan was.

  • Where the cattle-run remains it is mapped out as a "reserve" for a certain townland, and is greatly prized by the peasants.

    Disturbed Ireland | Bernard H. Becker