[ tou-suhn ]


  1. a town in central Maryland, near Baltimore.

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Example Sentences

Maryland scrambled to find a replacement opponent and scheduled Towson for that date, but the Tigers had a positive test in their program and had to cancel the game this week.

Maryland will return to College Park for its home opener Thursday against Towson.

Monday’s Sun Art deal signals a broader shift in Alibaba’s new retail strategy, Towson says.

From Fortune

“If I had to guess why Mayer’s leaving I’d say probably because he’s just hanging out in his office and isn’t involved in the dealmaking,” Towson says.

From Fortune

Enrollment in the program at Towson increased from 23 students in 1994 to 101 in 2008.

Freundel taught religion classes at Towson and has been suspended, following his arrest.

The American version of Sasuke premiered in 2009 when Kacy was enrolled at Towson University and unable to compete.

Yet while 26.8 percent of Baltimore County residents are black, only 13 percent of Towson students are.

Heimbach and five others are gathered at the Red Robin in Towson for pre-patrol beers and burgers.

Paddy, a Towson junior from Baltimore, is his right-hand man.

The charge was made at once, supported by a corresponding charge of Leavenworth and a flank fire from Towson's battery.

Jesup had succeeded in his movement, while Brady, Leavenworth, and Towson were engaged in the front.

We encamped, the first night after our departure, about thirty miles distant from Fort Towson.

Dr. Towson, while in Gottingen, succeeded in getting a young hare so tame, that it would play about his sofa and bed.

Almost at the same instant Leavenworth executed a like movement, while Towson's battery poured canister into the British ranks.





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