[ taw-yaw-tah; English taw-yoh-tuh ]


  1. a city on S Honshu, in Japan.

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Example Sentences

Many of its drivers fail to appreciate what makes Toyota’s smallest truck so special and set about ruining it with inappropriate or misjudged modifications.

Toyota is one of the automakers working to make driverless systems safe.

One of my favorites was Toyota’s commercial telling the story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

From Fortune

Internationally, several other automakers—including Volvo, BMW, Toyota, and Nissan—have either made similar commitments or stated that they intend to set emission-reducing targets.

Investigators think the teen may have already been on the ground and in the roadway before being hit by the Toyota, police said.

He loaded both bodies into the back of his white Toyota pickup truck.

Our driver glances at us in the rearview mirror and nods before dropping the faded red Toyota Hilux into first gear.

Jeep steadily gave up a market it had created to rivals, particularly Toyota and Range Rover.

Toyota issued $1.75 billion of green bonds, to help finance customer leases and purchases of hybrids.

One of the biggest single green bond offerings has been from Toyota, which in March sold  $1.75 billion in green bonds.





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