track down


  1. tr, adverb to find by tracking or pursuing

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Idioms and Phrases

Follow successfully, locate, as in I've been trying to track down that book but haven't had any luck . This term alludes to the literal use of track , “follow the footsteps of.” [Second half of 1800s]
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Example Sentences

I was there to track down the family of one of the most notorious defectors in Cuban history.

A senior Pentagon official agreed that there is a shortage of surveillance planes needed to track down ISIS.

Orphans is a true literary relic: a small shapely paperback that is tough to track down, thanks to a limited print run.

While Robert stresses that he doesn't feel a gap in his life, he's taken significant steps to track down his genetic children.

How did you manage to track down all the subjects that were on the ground during it?

Why should a boy of his age hope to track down a thief when agencies such as these had failed?

Any signal strong enough to keep this centuries-old battle going should be strong enough to track down.

I am especially grateful to my wife, Ann, who for six months helped me track down elusive species and explore new areas.

The titles in this list are interesting because some are rarely mentioned and others are difficult to track down.

The man he had been sent to track down by means of the radio-compass was coming south over the trail.


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