trade unionist

or trade-un·ion·ist

[ treyd yoon-yuh-nist ]


  1. a member of a trade union.
  2. a person who favors or advocates trade unionism.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of trade unionist1

First recorded in 1830–40
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Example Sentences

Lorraine Sibanda, a street vendor and trade unionist from Zimbabwe, is president of StreetNet International.

From Time

After another former general led Labor to defeat in 2003, the party selected trade unionist Amir Peretz before the 2006 elections.

Of late a rapprochement between the intellectual and trade unionist has begun to take place.

The methods of the Trade Unionist are contrasted with those of Justice: he is all for striking first and arguing afterwards.

It is evident that, if this man is a trade unionist, he is a raw amateur.

But even the trade unionist referred to the absence of all opposition to women on the part of organizations of men.

A trade-unionist is ready enough to regulate wages and hours, but he gives not a thought to surroundings in factory and workshop.





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