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training school


  1. a school that provides training in some art, profession, or vocation.
  2. an institution for the care of juvenile delinquents.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of training school1

First recorded in 1820–30

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Example Sentences

This differed little from other states, which also opened juvenile training schools in isolated places, with little funding or oversight, in response to rising youth populations in fast-growing industrial cities.

In 1948, the constant drumbeat of abuse complaints led the Texas legislature to appoint a special commission to investigate its training schools.

Halo works with celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan and runs owners through a mandatory 21-day training school on the app that teaches them how to humanely and productively apply shock training to their dogs.

United Airlines reopened its flight training school on April 6 in expectation of needing more pilots.

Then I found a training school to make paintings or drawings.

From Ozy

It is the location that stuns them—a mere 800 yards from Pakistan's military officer training school.

A very important work could be done in this city by the establishment of a proper Training School for Servants.

I have never marshalled a bigger blast, even in the contests at our training school in Area Twelve.

The preparatory, academic, and collegiate departments are supplemented by a kindergarten and a physical-training school.

It was only a short time before the French had an army training school for aeronauts, and a number of military service balloons.

I had 60 hours of flying time here and in January of 1943 was graduated from primary training school.





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