trans-Neptunian object

or trans·nep·tu·ni·an ob·ject

[ trans-nep-too-nee-uhn ob-jikt, ‐jekt, ‐tyoo‐, tranz ]

  1. any celestial object in our solar system whose orbit lies beyond Neptune, including Pluto: there may be some 70,000 trans-Neptunian objects orbiting 30–50 astronomical units from the sun, with diameters of at least 62 miles (100 km). Abbreviation: TNO

Origin of trans-Neptunian object

First recorded in 1920–25

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Scientific definitions for trans-Neptunian object

trans-Neptunian object

[ trăns′nĕp-tōōnē-ən ]

  1. A celestial object that orbits the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune.

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