[ trans-fyooz ]
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verb (used with object),trans·fused, trans·fus·ing.
  1. to transfer or pass from one to another; transmit; instill: to transfuse a love of literature to one's students.

  2. to diffuse into or through; permeate; infuse.

  1. Medicine/Medical.

    • to transfer (blood) into the veins or arteries of a person or animal.

    • to inject, as a saline solution, into a blood vessel.

  2. Archaic. to pour from one container into another.

Origin of transfuse

1375–1425; late Middle English transfusen<Latin trānsfūsus, past participle of trānsfundere to transfer by pouring. See trans-, fuse2

Other words from transfuse

  • trans·fus·er, noun
  • trans·fus·i·ble, trans·fus·a·ble, adjective
  • trans·fu·sive [trans-fyoo-siv, -ziv], /trænsˈfyu sɪv, -zɪv/, adjective
  • un·trans·fused, adjective
  • un·trans·fus·i·ble, adjective

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How to use transfuse in a sentence

  • Fifty or sixty years ago surgeons did not hesitate to transfuse the blood of animals into human beings.

  • I wish I could transcribe, or rather transfuse into language, the glow of my heart when I read your letter.

  • He had seen a glow of pleasure transfuse people as they listened to her pure and ringing notes.

    The Black Opal | Katharine Susannah Prichard
  • Moisture tends to transfuse from the hot towards the cold portion of the wood.

    Seasoning of Wood | Joseph B. Wagner

British Dictionary definitions for transfuse


/ (trænsˈfjuːz) /

  1. to permeate or infuse: a blush transfused her face

    • to inject (blood, etc) into a blood vessel

    • to give a transfusion to (a patient)

  1. rare to transfer from one vessel to another, esp by pouring

Origin of transfuse

C15: from Latin transfundere to pour out, from trans- + fundere to pour

Derived forms of transfuse

  • transfuser, noun
  • transfusible or transfusable, adjective
  • transfusive, adjective

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