transition region

noun Astronomy.

a thin and very irregular layer of the sun's atmosphere that separates the hot corona from the much cooler chromosphere.

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Science definitions for transition region

transition region

The area in a seed-bearing plant where the vascular tissue of the root changes into the vascular tissue of the stem. In eudicotyledons, the roots have a solid cylinder of vascular tissue surrounded by cortex. The vascular tissues gradually branch apart and reorient themselves in the stem around a central pith.
The thin layer of the solar atmosphere that separates the chromosphere from the corona. In the transition region, temperatures increase from a relatively cool 20,000°K in the chromosphere to the 1,000,000°K and higher temperatures of the corona. Transition region chemistry involves the ionization of hydrogen and other elements; the light produced by this region comes from ionized forms of carbon, oxygen, and silicon.
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