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[ trans-ley-ter, tranz-, trans-ley-ter, tranz- ]


  1. Also trans·lat·er. a person who translates.
  2. Television. a relay station that receives programming on one frequency and rebroadcasts it at another frequency for improved local reception.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of translator1

1350–1400; Middle English translatour (< Middle French ) < Late Latin translātor ( Latin: “one who transfers a thing”); translate, -tor

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Example Sentences

If you use automatic language translators—for very specific, domain0specific languages—they struggle.

From Time

Abdi also emphasized the need for professional translators, not just community members trying to translate meetings.

Existing apps will have to run using a translator built into MacOS Big Sur called Rosetta 2.

“I fear becoming infected again,” testified Carmen through a translator on Thursday during a state Assembly subcommittee on nursing homes.

Le was asked to step in and serve as her translator and advocate.

From Quartz

Twenty minutes after the interview was over, the translator knocked on my hotel room door.

“If she has not answered the phone, we should not be doing this,” my translator warned.

They were conducted entirely in Hebrew, a language the U.S. native does not speak, although he was provided a translator.

“There was a great shake many times,” he told the Daily Beast through his translator.

My young female translator and her mother had looks of horror on their faces.

He was a bookseller, but better known as a translator of the German contributor to the Gentleman's Magazine, &c.

Bonnell Thornton died; an English poet, essayist and miscellaneous writer, and translator of Plautus.

This sentence is incomplete; the translator has missed the line—'Et qu'ele a sa vie perdue.'

The translator could think of no better word, because the context is jocular.

Many difficulties confront the translator in the preparation of material of this nature, involving names, dates and titles.


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