[ trans-mit-ns, tranz- ]
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  1. Physics. the ratio of the radiant flux transmitted through and emerging from a body to the total flux incident on it: equivalent to one minus the absorptance.

Origin of transmittance

First recorded in 1850–55; transmit + -ance

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  • non·trans·mit·tance, noun

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How to use transmittance in a sentence

  • Music fills all which contains life, and uses all materials for its transmittance.

    Seed Thoughts for Singers | Frank Herbert Tubbs

British Dictionary definitions for transmittance


/ (trænzˈmɪtəns) /

  1. the act of transmitting

  2. Also called: transmission factor physics a measure of the ability of anything to transmit radiation, equal to the ratio of the transmitted flux to the incident flux; the reciprocal of the opacity. For a plate of material the ratio of the flux leaving the entry surface to that reaching the exit surface is the internal transmittance: Symbol: τ Compare reflectance, absorptance

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