transuranic element

[ trans-yoo-ran-ik, tranz-, trans-, tranz- ]
/ ˈtræns yʊˈræn ɪk, ˈtrænz-, ˌtræns-, ˌtrænz- /

noun Chemistry, Physics.

any element having an atomic number greater than 92, the atomic number of uranium. All such elements are radioactive and can be synthesized by bombarding a heavy element with a light particle or element.See also transactinide element.
Also trans·u·ra·ni·um el·ement [trans-yoo-rey-nee-uh m, tranz-] /ˌtræns yʊˈreɪ ni əm, ˌtrænz-/.

Origin of transuranic element

First recorded in 1930–35; trans- + uran(ium) + -ic Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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transuranian (ˌtrænzjʊˈreɪnɪən) or transuranium (trænzjʊˈreɪnɪəm)

/ (ˌtrænzjʊˈrænɪk) /


(of an element) having an atomic number greater than that of uranium
of, relating to, or having the behaviour of transuranic elements

Word Origin for transuranic

C20: from trans- + uranic, from uranium
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[ trăns′yu-rănĭk, -rānĭk ]

Having an atomic number greater than 92.

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