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trap door


  1. a door or flap flush with and covering an opening, esp in a ceiling
  2. the opening so covered

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Example Sentences

A secret trap door in the kiosk below the clock leads to a spiral staircase down to the lower level info booth.

From a secret trap door to a Nazi target, the hundred things you never knew about our favorite train station.

A trap-door had opened in the floor of his consciousness; his first, early love sheltered in his aching heart again.

A drunken man would reel from one side to the other until he fell down a cellar trap-door, into the gutter, or into the sea.

One of the most interesting of the spider race is the “trap-door” spider which inhabits warm countries all over the earth.

A dark room; no light except from a trap door; a very proper place for improper doings.

Dalgard flung himself through the trap door, luckily landing on one of the steep, curved ramps.


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