trap house

or trap·house

[ trap-hous ]

  1. Slang. a place where illicit drugs are bought, sold, or used.

  2. a shelter from which the clay pigeons are released in trapshooting.

Origin of trap house

First recorded in 1940–45 (trapshooting shelter); and in 2005–10 (place to buy drugs, with reference to drugs as an inescapable “trap”); trap1 + house

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How to use trap house in a sentence

  • Plant this in the back of your bear trap house and you have one of the best inducements for a bear to catch.

    Mink Trapping | A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
  • He has made this charming cottage out of an old rattle-trap house.

    The House of Martha | Frank R. Stockton
  • She found it in every trap-house they came to—death—man death.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood