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  1. caught in or as if in a trap or by a ruse, trick, or stratagem: Relocate any trapped rabbit at least five miles from the capture site.Early in the visit I became the trapped witness to a nasty argument between my host and his wife, which they expected me to arbitrate.

  2. (of air, water, etc.) held or contained in an enclosed space or in another substance: Make sure the clay is pressed flat, with no trapped air bubbles.

  1. accidentally stuck or jammed in a narrow place from which release is difficult: This excellent telescopic ladder has finger guards—no more trapped fingers when letting it down!

  2. set with traps: We followed the track carefully through heavily trapped bush to the meeting place.

  3. (of a drain, pipe, or the like) furnished with a device for stopping undesirable substances from flowing through: The pipes discharge wastewater into a sewer, usually through a trapped drain.

  4. Baseball. (of a ball) caught as it hits the ground: Challenges to the umpire included a trapped ball in the outfield that nobody else thought was actually caught.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of trap1

Origin of trapped

First recorded in 1425–75; trap1 + -ed2 for the adjective senses; trap1 + -ed1 for the verb sense

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