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/ træps /

plural noun

  1. belongings; luggage

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Word History and Origins

Origin of traps1

C19: probably shortened from trappings

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Example Sentences

Want an authentic dinner with a local on your next vacation abroad, far from the overpriced tourist traps?

In November, Maine voters will vote on whether to ban using dogs, traps, and bait to hunt black bears in the Pine Tree State.

Our pond is short on man-eating sharks, but I can set bear traps on the bottom.

The other seven dispensaries, spanning from coast to coast, are death traps for thousands of sea organisms each year.

We build our tree with an open center and light from within," he says, "while others pile traps to build a tree.

Rising at once he bundled up his traps, threw the line of his small hand-sledge over his shoulder, and stepped out for home.

For among my people are found wicked men, that lie in wait as fowlers, setting snares and traps to catch men.

As I glance over my traps, I see a small bunch of roses tucked in the corner of my roll of rugs with an engraved card attached.

Melfort was particularly active in laying traps for the young noblemen and gentlemen of the Legation.

Draw one of these pictures:—Snowflake finds a reindeer caught in the vines.Antler teaches the children to set traps.