trash talk

[ trash tawk ]


  1. disparaging or boastful language:

    Both sides exchanged trash talk throughout the game.

    Trash talk is banned on this forum.

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to use disparaging or boastful language to or about (someone):

    The site was used anonymously by high school bullies to publicly trash-talk, harass, and embarrass their targets.

    Maybe you should stop trash talking and check your facts!

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Other Words From

  • trash-talk·er noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of trash talk1

First recorded in 1980–85

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Example Sentences

You mentioned Aaron Hernandez or Tim Tebow on their teams or the more generic trash talk every week.

I'm expecting his charming disposition to crack and become littered with trash talk, but I'm wrong.

What he found was extraordinary talent, topped off with all the showboating and trash talk that streetball is famous for.

Now one might explain away the insubordination as standard trash talk among stressed-out warriors.





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