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/ ˈtrævlə; ˈtrævələ /


  1. a person who travels, esp habitually
  2. sometimes capital a member of the travelling people
  3. a part of a mechanism that moves in a fixed course
  4. nautical
    1. a thimble fitted to slide freely on a rope, spar, or rod
    2. the fixed rod on which such a thimble slides
  5. a swagman

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Example Sentences

Such a requirement already existed for travellers from the UK, but this new extension brings the US in line with numerous other countries that already mandate the same.

Reed is originally from New Orleans and has been a long-time world traveller.

This is a new kind of hostel for a new generation of traveller.

Nadeau is a frequent contributor to CNN Traveller, Departures, Discovery and Grazia, and appears regularly on CNN, BBC and NPR.

She is a frequent contributor to CNN Traveller, Departures, Discovery and Grazia.

True to form, runs the story of V. S. Naipaul, the increasingly disenchanted traveller.

A colossal steam "traveller" had ceaselessly carried great blocks of stone and long steel girders from point to point.

He had the sun-scorched look of a traveller who has just crossed the Atlantic, and he smiled at Bernard with his honest eyes.

But the traveller took a wide tour; and did not bring the letter to its destination until two months after its date.

This gift of rice was especially pleasing to the traveller, as no dish is held in higher honour in Korea.

“Yes—tea,” answered the traveller with the keen grey eyes, turning, and poking the fire with the heel of his boot.


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